Welcome to the Executable Language Grounding (XLANG) Lab! We are part of the HKU NLP Group at the University of Hong Kong. We focus on building language model agents that transform (“grounding”) language instructions into code or actions executable in real-world environments, including databases (data agent), web applications (plugins/web agent), and the physical world (robotic agent) etc,. XLANG lies at the heart of language model agents or natural language interfaces that can interact with and learn from these real-world environments to facilitate human interaction with data analysis, web applications, and robotic instruction through conversation. Recent advances in XLANG incorporate techniques such as LLM + external tools, code generation, semantic parsing, efficient and generalizable LLMs, and dialog or interactive systems.



April 11, 2024
🔥🔥 We have released  OSWorld,  A unified, real computer env for multimodal agents to evaluate open-ended computer tasks with arbitrary apps and interfaces on Ubuntu, Windows, & macOS!  
Feb 20, 2024
🔥🔥 We have released  ARKS,  a general pipeline for retrieval-augmented code generation (RACG)!  
Oct 18, 2023
🔥🔥 We have released  💥OpenAgents💥,  an open platform designed for language agents in the wild! For more details, you can visit our paper and the code!  
Oct 13, 2023
🔥🔥 We have released  Lemur70B,  🚀 Open & SOTA Foundation Models for Language Agents! The closest open model to GPT-3.5 on 🤖15 agent tasks🤖! ! Check out our paper and feel free to download and use the model at  HuggingFace
Aug 8, 2023
The group website is now live!


We thank the following institutions for their funding support: Google Research, Amazon AWS, Salesforce Research, and UGC.

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